The plant is robust, rugged,                        The plant will promote

resilient and very adaptable                        entrepreneurship for the

to the rough humid African                        actualization of Nigerian

condition. It is made of                               composite bread.

Stainless Steel.


TECHNICAL DATA                      It can produce both flour and

Production Area: 600-700m2                    starch which are strategic raw materials

Power Requirement: 250kw              for industrial development

Water Requirement: 700 litre/day

Machine labour: 10 persons.



1. 2 No Industrial Stainless Steel Hammer Mill

              For wet Milling with:

–                     3mm stainless steel housing

–                     20 HP electric motor

–                     U-channel frame

–                     2 no stainless steel sieves                                     N 1,430,000


2. Industrial Stainless Steel Detoxifier with:

–        1,200 liters capacity

–        10 HP Gear motor

–        U-channel frame

–        Stainless steel cylinder and stirrer              N 590,000


3. 2 No Hydraulic press of 5.5 tons capacity with:

–        U-channel

–        5.5 HP hydraulic pumping machine           N 1,210,000


4. Flour/Starch Cake Granulator with:    

–        3 mm stainless housing

–        Angle iron frame

–        7.5HPelctric motor                                               N 450,000



5. Flash Dryer of 2 tons/day with

–        Stainless steel ducts

–        Suction blower and cyclone unit

–        Disintegrator (stainless)

–        Heat exchanger with diesel burner              N 3,950,000

6. Industrial Stainless Steel Hammer Mill

For dry milling with:

–                     15 HP motor

–                     3 mm stainless steel housing

–                     Suction blower/cyclone unit (stainless)

with 7.5 HP motor

–                     U- channel frame                                        N 510,000


7. Stainless steel sieving Machine

(for dry product)with:

–                     2 HP electric motor

–                     Angle iron frame

–                     2 sieves (stainless)                                                N 310,000


8. Industrial Stainless Steel Homogenizer

Of 1,500 litres volume with:

–                     5.5 HP electric motor

–                     U- channel frame

–                     Cassava slurry pumping machine of 3 Hp N 595,000


9. 2 No Rotary Stainless Steel Screen Separator with:

–        2 HP gear motor

–        100 micron stainless steel sieves

–        Starch discharge (stainless)

–        U- channel frame

–        each at N380,000                                       N 760,000


10. Starch sedimentation tank of 20,000 litres or more

      Will be constructed on the site with concrete

      blocks and covered with white tiles.

      The promoter can estimate the local cost and add it.


11. Installation cost

      This will include provision of Starters for all

      the electric motors, construction of machine

      Foundation and installation of bolts and nuts                 N 550,000


Total                                                                                                            N 10,355,000

Packaging & loading                                                                        55,000       

Local Freight                                                                                       130,000



Total (FOB)                                                                            N 10,540,000





75 percent of the total cost will be paid before production of the machines can start. Another 15 percent of the total cost will be paid at the completion of the production before delivery to the factory site. The remaining 10% will be paid after delivery, installation and test run.


DELIVERY PERIOD: Delivery of the machine shall be 12 weeks from the payment of the 75 percent and the clearing of the cheque. Delivery cost will be borne by the client.

INSTALLATION OF THE MACHINES: Five technicians will accompany the plant for the installation and it will take about two weeks once electricity, water and other ancillaries are in place. You will be responsible for the boarding, feeding and transportation of these technicians. The technicians will help you to do the sedimentation tank if it is necessary.

TEST RUN: Five tons of raw cassava tubers shall be required for the test run and it will be provided by you.

TRAINING: There is no extra cost for training your workers. You should have your electrician, welder, machine operators and technicians participate in the installation and test run, so that they will be trained on the spot.

WARRANTIES: 6 months for any production problem excluding changeable parts affected by aging, misuse and accident. The machines are robust, tested, rugged, resilient and very adaptable to rough and humid African conditions. All the parts that have contact with the cassava are made of stainless steel to ensure quality and excellence. The machines will last for a long, long time once they are maintained twice a year by changing the bearings.

TECHNICAL SUPPORT: We will give technical support such as supply of spare parts like the bearings, maintenance of the machines, quality control to ensure the product meets the required standard and specifications. We will also help in the export market through consultancy and brokerage.

VALIDITY: The quotation is valid for 90 days from the date of submission after which the price may change