Cassava chips are in great demand all over the world for the production of ethanol. Global warming has placed great demand on nations to minimize the emission of carbon dioxide and other toxic gases into the atmosphere. Ethanol is preferred because it does not emit Carbon dioxide and contains oxygen. Most premium motor spirits (PMS) used these days are either E-10 or E-20; these mean, 10 percent or 20 percent ethanol and 90 percent or 80 percent crude oil. The essence is to minimize the presence of toxic gases which deplete the ozone layer and exacerbate global warming.



Nigeriais expected to export about one million tonnes of cassava chips this year and it will be met through the massive expansion of cassava cultivation to meet the demands of 40 percent cassava flour inclusion in our bread. Cassava is one of the five crops identified as a prospective foreign exchange earner for the country under the Agricultural Transformation Agenda. Over 500 entrepreneurs will be involved in this transformation and we encourage you to start your chips processing plant today to avail of these opportunities and transformation



Cassava washing machine with:

  • 7.5HP gear motor
  • Stainless steel cylinder
  • U-Channel frame                                                                                N 870,000


Cassava chipping machine with:

  • 5 HP motor inlet
  • Stainless steel inlet

and discharge funnels.

  • Capacity 1.5mt/hr each

4 Nos at N 300,000 each                                                                    N 1,200,000


Stainless steel Rotary dryer with:

  • 15 HP motor inlet
  • Stainless inlet and outlet chute
  • 10HP suction blower
  • Heat exchanger with dual purpose burner

diesel or black oil

Capacity: 25mt/day                                                                             N 5,900,000


Installation Cost: This includes cost of

electrical control panels and provision of

foundation bolts, nuts etc.                                                                              N 870,000


Total                                                                                                               N 8,840,000



  1. 1 (No) Chipping machine

produces 1.5mt/hr

or 25.5mt/day


2.         4 (No) Chipping machines

will produce (25.5mt x 4) = 102mt/day.

When dried into chips at a ratio of 4:1,

it comes to 25.5mt/day


3.         25.5mt x 26 working days in a month,

it comes to 663 mt/month.

With this output, you have at least 500-600mt for export per month. If you want to increase to 1,000 mt/month, you increase the chippers to 8 and the dryer to 2.

You can start with 4 chippers and 1 dryer and increase later as you master

the trade and production. All the parts that have contact with the cassava are made of stainless steel.