Nigeria once more demonstrated her commitment to cassava as the fore most staple crop by flagging off the staple crop processing zone project with it in Kogi State.
Cassava is a versatile and resilient crop that grows in all parts of the country and consumed in different ways by over 140 million people. It is also a dynamic raw material which Nigeria wants to use to ameliorate the debilitating wheat import bills through cassava flour in bread.
Export of cassava chips, other value chains and derivatives like ethanol, starch, sweeteners etc can diversify our export mix and help us to be less dependent on crude oil. The cassava SCPZs will step-up our cultivation practices, promote mechanized commercial capacities through private sector investments.
Cargill, an agro-allied American Company that operates in over 65 countries has signaled its desire to invest in the Kogi State Cassava SCPZs. They will process cassava into starch and use it as feedstock for sweeteners. It is estimated that over 6,200 tones of starch and 4,600 tonnes of sweeteners will be produced. The sweeteners would reduce our massive import of sugar which stands at over N217 billion annually. The project will increase the income of the area by about N14.5 billion, improve their road network, their power supply and also their gas supply as a result of its proximity to the Obajana Cement Factory.
The Kogi State Government is preparing over 15,000 hectares of farm land for cassava cultivation this year, 2014, and intends to increase the hectares the following years. Entrepreneurs and investors are invited to establish mechanized commercial cassava farms to grow high yield cassava tubers for this massive project. Cargill will require several thousand tons of cassava tubers for their operations and serious and reliable suppliers are needed.

The federal government has provided N10 billion cassava initiative and BOI has signed MOU with the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development to disperse N4.3 billion for cassava commercial farming, industrial cassava milling, SMEs, bakers and other cassava related activities. Great opportunities now abound in cassava business. Take advantage of it call us now for discussion.